Worlds first all encompassing Balloon Recycling program in Australia.

More than 533,518 Balloons received for Recycling as of November 5th 2023.

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In Oz

We recycle all balloons in Oz.

We recycle all latex – foil and plastic balloons here in Brisbane Australia.

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3 Phases

3 Phase Program

We are rolling out a 3 Phase program to offer a recycling program for balloons and balloon companies Australia wide. Click here to find out more.

10 Million Balloons

Within 3 years

Our goal is to recycle / re-purpose and re-use 10 million balloons within 3 years to prove that balloons are not a single use plastic product. Click here to find out more.

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Balloon Recycling Australia was formed in November 2022 after months of researching if it was possible and how it was possible to recycle balloons of all types 
to create a sustainable balloon industry.

As Governments of all levels have started to legislate to ban balloons, considering them single use plastic, it became apparent that we, as an industry, must assure that balloons become recycled and up-cycled.
As of November 1st 2022, we started recycling balloons, over the next 12 months we will expand operations to offer balloon recycling to balloon decorators, retailers, party stores, manufacturers, distributors and the general public through a membership program, sponsorship program through a 3 phase process.
Our goal is to become completely sustainable so that balloons are here to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Latex Balloons are not a single use plastic product:

Various levels of Government have classified balloons as a single use plastic by considering them the same as plastic bags, coffee cup lids, straws, take away food containers and yet balloons are not plastic.

Latex balloons are made using the sap of a rubber tree which is sustainably harvested in many parts of the world and latex balloons are NOT single use plastic, yet they have been grouped together with oil based non biodegradable plastic items.

Plastics are derived from oil, they are a synthetic product, latex is derived from the sap of a rubber tree. ( See image to the left of an actual rubber tree harvesting natural latex ).

That said: Balloon Recycling Australia was created to recycle balloons to make our industry sustainable and our hope is to reverse the belief that balloons are single use plastic and overturn any bans that have been put on balloons on a local, state and federal level across all States of Australia.

Our key priorities

To assure that the balloon industry is around for generations to come for people of all ages to enjoy. The only way that this will be possible is if the balloon industry is sustainable and responsible. Balloon Recycling Australia is a part of that overall solution and an essential requirement moving forward.

Turning Balloons into Teddy Bears ?

Teddy bears are usually stuffed with a polyester filling that is a derivative of oil, we are now stuffing teddy bears with recycled latex balloon flakes. More than 300 ground up balloons are used to stuff each teddy bear. This is sustainable and gives the teddy bear more weight, makes it more tactile.

Brown 35cm teddy bear stuffed with recycled balloons

Energy efficient recycling

We do not use heat to recycle balloons as this is very energy intense, we wish to be as energy efficient as possible throughout the recycling process, we will continue to persue the goal of being powered by renewable energy as we grow our operation.

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