10 Million balloons recycled by end of 2025 – that’s our goal

Our goal is to recycle 10 million balloons by 2025. It is a bold goal and will depend on the support of manufacturers, distributors, retailers and decorators Australia Wide to get there, but we all have to have goals, achievable positive goals.
We believe we can inspire balloon professionals on all levels to become sustainable,
for the good of the planet and the good of our industry.

Every balloon that we recycle is a balloon that will not end up in the bin and in landfill, every single balloon will make a difference.

On the front page of our website will be a live counter that will show how many balloons we have recycled to date, this counter will accelerate rapidly as more members join the balloon recycling program. As of February 1st 2023 we have recycled more than 120,000 balloons and we are well on our way to the 10 million balloon goal. We have not yet opened up for membership, as of end of February 2023 we will open up membership to balloon decorators and balloon professionals and then we will receive balloons for recycling from these professionals Australia Wide. We anticipate that be end of 2023 we will be in full operation recycling thousands of balloons every week.