3 Phase Program of Balloon Recycling: ( Scroll for all phases ).

Phase 1: June 2022 – December 2022

Proof of concept – Complete !

Phase 1 was complete October 12th 2022. After 6 months of research and development, trial and error and thousands of dollars of investment, the goal to recycle latex balloons from decor installations to refine the latex into a granuler state was complete.

The next stage of phase 1 was to incorporate the recycled balloon granules into usable, saleable products to give the balloons a new life.

This stage was complete on October 22nd 2022.

Important note: We can recycle latex balloons of all shapes and sizes, we can recycle foil balloons of all shapes and sizes, we can recycle latex balloons that have been treated with Ultra hi float and balloon shine.

Latex Balloons reclaimed from jobs, popped, ready to be granulated.

Foil Balloons that have been shredded to a granulated state.

100% recycled latex balloons to make balloon confetti

Adding granulated latex balloons to a plaster of Paris mix.

This used to be 130 foil balloons that were turned into granulated foil confetti.

Latex Balloons that have been shredded to a granulated state.

Black and Yellow latex balloons shredded to a granulated state.

Resin encased recycled latex balloons to make a paper weight

This makes a great filler and is again a sustainable use for recycled balloons.

This foil confetti will be bagged and sold as recycle foil balloon confetti.

125 gram balloon weight – resin incased latex / foil balloons – holds 10 helium balloons

75 gram balloon weight- resin encased latex / foil balloons – holds 8 helium balloons.

63 gram balloon weight – resin encased latex / foil balloons – holds 6 helium balloons

Phase 2: February 2023

Scale up and invite Balloon Manufacturers / Distributors / Decorators / Retailers to join the program

December 2022: As we scale up and commercialise the Balloon Recycling Operation we will open up the Balloon Recycling Program to all levels of the balloon industry.
Decorators, Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors & Manufacturers / Importers of Balloons:

We will invite all manufacturers and importers of latex balloons to be Top Tier Sponsors of the program.
Wholesalers: We will invite all wholesalers to be Wholesale sponsors of the program.
Decorators / Retailers: We will invite all retailers of balloons to become members of the Balloon Recycling Alliance (B.R.A.)

Membership Program opened as of February 10th 2023 -Members can now Join our Australia wide program.  Click here for details.

Phase 2 Scale up:

As we finalise the initial product line that will be offered for sale from recycled balloons, we will scale up the creation of these product lines and once stock levels are considered sufficient for the launch, we will offer these items for sale on the balloon recycling website. we will also offer these products for sale to wholesalers and decorators are various pricing levels.
Items initially planned for launch will include:
Latex balloon Confetti in 3 colours initially – pinks – blues and multicoloured with an expansion to 8 colours over time.
Balloon Weights: Small and large resin encased recycled balloon weights in various shapes and colours.
Light Up Resin 30cm tall Resin numbers: Standing 30cm tall – resin encased recycled balloons and l.e.d. copper wire lights.
Balloon Dogs: Mini and Large balloon dogs: Resin encased recycled balloon dogs in various colours: Who doesn’t love balloon dogs ?
More products are slated for launch throughout 2023.

Phase 3: Australia Wide Balloon Recycling:

Scale up the sorting and recycling of balloons and expand the operation to cater for the increased supply of latex balloons from industry professionals.
All balloons that arrive for recycling will need to be sorted into colour groups prior to being recycled as we output products based on colour themes.

During phase 3 we will be seeking locations all around Australia for the placement of balloon recycling deposit boxes where all members of the public can bring in their balloons that they have used at their functions for recycling, these recycling deposit boxes will be sent to Balloon Recycling Austrlaia once a month or when full and empty boxes will be put in their place.

We will look at expanding the balloon recycling program to include recycling locations in different States in Australia so balloons can be recycled more locally.

During phase 3, on the assumption that balloons are now being recycled Australia Wide, we will petition Governments at all levels to overturn / remove balloons from the single use plastic category and again allow balloons to be enjoyed by all for celebrations of all kinds on Government properties and for all events both at local council level and State level.

It will be our recommendation to Councils and Governments that only Balloon Recycling Australia members be permitted to deliver and install balloons to assure that all balloons that are installed are recycled as part of the program, to assure that sustainability guidelines are adhered to.

We will also lobby Corporations and responsible businesses to only use Balloon Recycling Australia members for their balloon requirements, again to assure that sustainability is number one when using balloons for any event.

It is our goal to assure that anywhere that sells balloons is part of the balloon recycling program and when we are satisfied that Australia is the balloon recycling capital of the world, with the most sustainable industry in the world, then we will strive to take balloon recylcling to the world.