What happens with our recycled balloons?

It is incredibly important to us and to anyone who cares about recycling to be completely transparent on what happens when the balloons are recycled.
Where do they go?   What do they become?   Are they really recycled ?

We all know about the horrific and disgusting situation with Red Cycle, how they took in thousands of tons of plastic waste from supermarkets and then warehoused that waste and failed to recycle it, surely the worst case of Green-washing in Australia’s history.

Balloon Recycling Australia will NEVER ever do this. We have made sure that we have more uses for the latex and foil flakes that we produce by recycling balloons than we have balloons to recycle, we are not only up-cycling in house by producing new adorable keepsake products which we will be offering for sale in our online shop, but we have many other uses for recycled balloon products within our industries.

Some of those are listed below.

Be sure to ask any company that claims to be recycling balloons, what they are doing with the waste product as it’s so easy to say you are recycling but much more difficult to prove it. Any recycling company that does not show real world uses and applications for the waste they are recycling are probably not recycling at all. They are probably green washing.

NEW BALLOON BEARS !: Now you can purchase a new Balloon Bear, a teddy bear filled with recycled latex balloon flakes. This gorgeous Balloon Bear is available in cream or brown and contains more than 250 recycled latex balloons. The Balloon Bear is also wearing an adorable bright coloured balloon vest. Not only are we recycling balloons in the Bear, but we are not using oil based wadding that is normally inside teddy bears and the like, so it’s fantastic for the environment. To purchase a Balloon Bear, go to our online shop.Watch the short video below to see how cute they are.

“NEW” – Door Stops

Door stops like these contain oil based fillings and sand and goodness knows what, we are creating a range of Door Stops that contain Recycled Latex Balloons made into balloon flakes. Weighing approx 1.2 kilos each, these will be available for purchase on our online store and we will be looking to supply them wholesale to retailers. 2 Kilos of latex flakes means up to 400 balloons not going to landfill. These are available NOW in our store. Some sample photos are shown below.

door stop beigeDoor stop navy stripes




Plaster of Paris filling: We are adding latex balloon flakes into plaster of Paris bases that we produce in house. These are used as balloon bouquet base weights and are hidden inside posy boxes. We add 1 kilo of balloon flakes to 3 kilos of plaster and 2 litres of water to make these bases, this way the latex flakes are encased in plaster .


Concrete filler: We are working with Concreters to incorporate latex balloon flakes into non structural concrete applications such as curb and channeling, garden edging. The latex balloon flakes actually add an element of flexibility to the concrete in non structural applications and we believe that this will very quickly outstrip our ability to supply, assuring that we always have a use for the latex balloons that we are able to recycle.


Epoxy Resin flooring and more: We are working with Epoxy flooring companies to supply them coloured latex and foil flakes to be a colour additive to epoxy flooring applications. This was done on our own Patio using 5 kilos of latex balloon flakes and 2 kilos of foil balloon flakes This is a very exciting application for foil flakes especially as they are non toxic, locally produced and come from a recycled balloon product. Watch a Video of this by clicking here…

Foil Confetti: We are producing foil confetti and will make this confetti available for purchase in our online shop, the issue here is having enough foil balloons to recycle as it will not take long to sell through.


Keepsake Gift and novelty items: We are already producing various keepsake gift and novelty items that are made from recycled balloons encased in a resin coating. These items have already proved to be very popular. We aim to launch them in April / May as we have to build stocks before making them available, we have several retail outlets that have already placed pre orders for some items.

Octopus Red Octopus Green White

Organic garden mulch: We are currently experimenting adding 1 kilo of latex flakes into 10 kilos of organic garden mulch. We will check this mulch every 2 weeks to test how quickly the latex flakes are broken down by the micro organisms in the mulch.


Our goal is to create a complete circular economy so that balloons that have already brought joy, colour and happiness can then be recycled to have a 2nd life.

We are helping to save the planet…one balloon at a time!