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Balloon Recycling Membership options !

We strongly suggest that you, as a balloon professional, add a balloon recycling levy to your invoices / sales, as a way of recovering the costs associated with the process of recycling balloons. Recycling is a time intensive, costly, but necessary process of being a responsible business in 2023. To cover the costs you are incurring with your membership and the costs of sending boxes of used balloons to Balloon Recycling Australia, adding a Balloon Recycling Levy to your sales is completely acceptable. As a guide, 5% of invoice value or $5 per job is a small charge that is fair. This is only a suggested amount and not a requirement. Placing this on your invoices prompts the fact you are recycling balloons to your customers, it opens the conversation.





Balloon Recycling Members Benefits

As a paid member of the Balloon Recycling Australia Program you will be able to promote to your clients that you are a sustainable balloon business. We will make available logos / flyers  / cards and decals to promote this very fact.

Utilisation of the Balloon Recycling logo on your website – marketing and promotional materials – emails – quotations – invoices etc.

Collect and save foil, latex and plastic balloons from balloon installations you install and box them up and send them to Balloon Recycling Australia for recycling. No need to separate the balloon types, we will do that when we receive them.

Give your clients peace of mind so that they know you are part of a Sustainable initiative.

You will have the power behind you of Balloon Recycling Australia to educate your clients by showing them how balloons you install are recycled, re-used and re-purposed. Point your clients to the Balloon Recycling website, they will be so pleased you did, or create a page on your website  to educate your clients and potential clients that we are becoming a sustainable industry.

As you send balloons for recycling, they will be weighed and sorted and we will update your membership with a running total of balloons you have sent for recycling. You Must write your membership number clearly on the outside of the box.

You will receive a monthly email newsletter keeping you updated with initiatives and progression of the Balloon Recycling Program in Australia, providing you with powerful information to better educate your staff, friends and clients.

You will become part of the preferred balloon decorator / supplier directory that will be made available to Corporate Clients / businesses / Councils / Schools and Governments Australia Wide as preferred decorators who abide by Sustainable business practices by offering balloon recycling. This alone will become a very powerful statement and will get to a point where if you are not recycling balloons from installations, you will not be permitted to do work at these locations. We are and we will continue to work with Governments and Corporates Australia Wide to reinforce the importance of the Balloon Recycling Program and we will ask that only our members be considered when using balloons to assure that our industry becomes fully sustainable.

By far the most important benefit is the fact that you are contributing to the end of the belief that balloons are single use plastic, without your support and membership, the balloon industry is at risk of no longer existing and a world without balloons would be a very sad world indeed.

We need the support of the entire balloon industry, the decorators, retailers, wholesalers, importers, distributors, manufacturers. Everyone that derives benefit from our industry needs to play their part to create a circular economy in the balloon industry, please tell others, encourage them to get involved, lobby your distributors, lobby the manufactuers, tell another balloonie !

Balloon Recycling Members Requirements & information

When you become a paid member of the Balloon Recycling Australia program, you are taking a huge step to assure the sustainability of the balloon industry. Every Member can make a difference and hence you would agree to the following.

Never release balloons into the environment or supply any customer that you are aware is intending to do so. This includes helium balloons and air filled balloons, Recycle whenever possible and encourage your customers to do the same.

Return to balloon installations, wherever possible, to recycle the balloons.

Promote the Balloon Recycling Program to all clients and potential clients to negate the perception that balloons are single use plastic and bad for the environment. Your Voice is such an important contribution to assuring that balloons are available for generations to come. Until now, we had no answer to those that set out to destroy our industry in the name of the environment, NOW we have a balloon recycling program and it’s our duty to tell anyone and everyone that balloons bring joy, not pollution.

Send your boxed used balloons to Balloon Recycling Australia for recycling, clearly marking your membership number on the outside of the box, so that we can credit your membership with the updated total of balloons recycled. This Box must only contain latex balloons / foil balloons / plastic balloons, it cannot contain any other materials, but we will remove any ribbon or rope or string during the sorting process. WE RECYCLE Confetti balloons – plastic and bubble balloons – the only program that does.

The balloons can be hi floated or shined, this does not affect the recycling process.

Where possible: Offer a Balloon Recycling Bin where your customers can drop off used balloons for recycling, for those times where the job is too small for you to return or not economically viable for you to return to recycle them. We understand this may not be possible if you work from home.


You send balloons back to :

Balloon Recycling Australia

Unit 5 / 123 Muriel Avenue, Moorooka, Qld 4105