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Here we will update with a timeline with the latest developments as we grow balloon recycling.


OCTOBER 2023: We were invited back by ABC radio Brisbane to do a follow up interview on where balloon recycling is and explain the lack of support by Governments on all levels to help us recycle balloons in Australia.

You can listen to the interview by clicking here.

SEPTEMBER 2023: We are quickly approaching a half a million balloons that have now been sent to Balloon Recycling Australia for Recycling and we are finding more uses for the recycled balloon flakes with a focus on efficiency and sustainability for the recycled products we are producing. Hence we have just commissioned the first trial run of Teddy Bear Skins which are due to land in early November, we will then stuff these teddy bears with more than 300 recycled latex balloons instead of the oil based and sometimes toxic stuffing that is usually used, these new 35cm tall Teddy Bears with recycled latex balloons inside will be available for purchase as of mid November. ( See the pics below, they are just adorable ).

Brown 35cm teddy bear stuffed with recycled balloons
Brown 35cm teddy bear stuffed with recycled balloons


white 35cm teddy bear filled with recycled balloons
white 35cm teddy bear filled with recycled balloons

AUGUST 2023: Safety & Sustainability:

We utilised more than 70 kilos of latex balloon flakes  in an electrical trench as a safety barrier. The colours in the latex balloons will provide a layer in the event anyone was to dig in this area in the future to identify that electrical cables lie below. A natural way to indicate that something man made exists.

Watch a video of this being done by clicking here

recycling balloons in an electrical trench


MAY / JUNE 2023: With our new larger balloon crushing machine now up and running and fully operational we are recycling more balloons than ever before. 

We have found a new use for the recycled balloon flakes that we create, we are now offering for sale new ” door stops ” made from 95% recycled latex balloons by weight, these attractive door stops are a great showcase that balloons are not a single use product and you can purchase them now in our store.

door stop beige

APRIL 2023: We have ordered a new larger balloon crushing machine that increases our capacity to be able to crush up to 70 kilos of latex balloons per hour into ground up latex flakes. This new machine is due to arrive in May 2023.

MARCH 2023: We Welcome  CLOWN BALLOONS – Balloon Printing in Sydney to the balloon recycling program !
We ask that you support Clown balloons for your balloon printing requirements and let them know that you appreciate their belief in a sustainable balloon industry !  Click here for their website

FEBRUARY 2023: The Balloon Recycling program launches for membership Australia Wide.

FEBRUARY 2023: Thursday February 23rd 2023 the official Australian launch of the Balloon Recycling Australia program. All balloon industry businesses and professionals are invited 7pm Sydney Time in person to the Brighton Sands RSL Club.

Thank you to all that attended the launch in Sydney – thank you to all that attended on zoom.

Link to watch the Zoom launch ( over 2 hours long ) is here

Link to view a video Explaining the gist of Balloon Recycling ( 15 min ) here

JANUARY 2023: The Commercial Latex balloon grinding machine arrives, being it runs on 3 phase power we now await the electrician to complete the installation, which is estimated to be late January.

Expansion and enhancement of the website: Incorporation of the membership program including features such as:  Keeping a running total for each member of how many balloons they have sent us for recycling.
Keeping a running total of all balloons recycled. Special wholesale pricing for members of items sold on the website. Special pricing for purchase of marketing and promotional materials for members.

New announcement for recycled latex flakes.

We are excited to announce that we will be shortly signing a supply agreement to a high end teddy bear manufacturer to supply them with flakes of latex recycled balloons to use inside the bear to replace synthetic oil based stuffing.










We are also working with epoxy flooring businesses to incorporate recycled balloon latex and foil flakes into their products.







We are also working with epoxy flooring businesses to incorporate recycled balloon latex and foil flakes into their products.









March 2022: We started the process of investigating the possibilities of recycling balloons and the processes that would be involved.

June 2022: We negated various ways that were not viable or practical and following much consultation with professionals of various industries, we created a 3 stage process to take popped latex balloons and turn them into granulated latex.

August 2022: We produced some upcycled and new products incorporating latex and foil balloons into these products to give recycled balloons another lifecycle. We continue to evolve the possible products that will be made available for purchase as production increases and stock levels are built up, these upcycled products will be offered for sale to members of Balloon Recycling Australia and the general public.

September 2022: We produced the worlds first “recycled latex confetti” – a confetti blend made of recycled latex balloons that can be used to create confetti balloons. Once production ramps up and we expand Australia Wide, we will offer this recycled latex confetti for sale.

October 2022: We experimented with various grinding machines to grind the latex balloons into a granular form, failing in various attempts but getting closer to the type of commercially viable machine that we will purchase that is suitable.

Balloon Recycling Australia logo was designed, business name was registered, domain was registered and website was started.

November 2022: A BIG MONTH ! Huge progress.

Order was placed for the first commercial machine to grind the latex balloons, 1 part of the 3 stage process that is required to recycle balloons.

Balloon Recycling Australia Membership program was created and will continue to evolve ready for launch in February 2023, whereby balloon decorators, party stores and industry professionals will be able to join to be a part of the Balloon Recycling Australia program. More details to follow.

Discussions begin with Corporate Partners and Sponsors to become a part of the balloon recycling partner program.

Discussions begin with existing Corporate clients creating awareness of the balloon recycling program.

Stationary is printed as we begin phase 2 of the program to roll the program out to all areas of the industry and beyond.

The first promotional / marketing video is created and uploaded to explain the program to potential partners and members.

DECEMBER 2022: We continue to evolve the balloon recycling process, experimenting with other uses for recycled balloons. Working with our Sister Business ” Balloons and Sparkle” in Brisbane, we start recycling balloons from balloon installations such as balloon arches, organic balloon garlands, balloon columns and we then recycle those balloons into novelty gifts and present them back to the clients who had the balloon installations. The response is greater than we could have imagined and the results are improved customer loyalty and peace of mind due to the recycling initiatives and the confidence to continue to use balloons by those organisations.

Met with Local Member of Parliament: Peter Russo and explained the balloon recycling program with the view of following up by the 3rd quarter of 2023.

Late December 2022: A large shipment of Clear Resin arrives from overseas and testing begins on quality of the resin.

An additional 120 Silicon molds arrive in preparation of larger scale production and roll out of the balloon recycling program in early 2023.

Additional warehouse space is cleared and allocated to cater for the increased workload.

A balloon sorting area is allocated and established as balloons will need to be sorted in colour ranges prior to recycling. Pinks / Blues / Orange / Red / Black etc etc. Balloons must be sorted prior to being turned into a granular state.