Our Mission at Balloon Recycling Australia:

To help create a sustainable, environmentally responsible Balloon Industry by instituting an Australia Wide recycling program, to ensure that the joy of balloons can continue for generations to come without having any negative impact on the environment.

The future of the balloon industry as we know it is under enormous pressure to become sustainable and we have developed a balloon recycling program that requires minimal energy and no harmful chemicals. We can take latex balloons, foil balloons and even plastic bubble balloons and recycle and up cycle them to create new products and give the used balloons another life.

Latex balloons that have been treated with Hi Float, Balloon Shine, Hi Shine, inflated with helium or air CAN ALL BE RECYCLED by Balloon Recycling Australia.

Through a 3 stage process, we can turn all balloons into a granulated form and then use these granules to form the basis of which they then become new products.

We can also use the granules as a filler and add into other products.

We will continue to develop new innovative solutions to give used balloons another life.

Governments at federal, state and local levels are legislating to ban balloons and in some cases, already have. Balloons have been classed as single use plastics, which we all know is not correct, but it’s time that we, as an industry, instituted recycling, repurposing and re-using initiatives to assure that our industry is here for generations to come.

The times of deflecting the issue by boasting the biodegradability of latex balloons, boasting that using more balloons promotes the rubber tree growers are well past, we as an industry need to be sustainable to survive and create a circular economy with our products.

We at Balloon Recycling Australia have spent the past 9 months researching how all balloons can be recycled, re-used and re-purposed with as little impact on the environment as possible and we are proud to announce that we are now ready to welcome you on board, we are asking for your help to take this to the whole of Australia so that balloon decorators, retail party stores, balloon wholesalers, balloon importers and the customers themselves embrace balloon recycling the same way as we currently recycle plastic bottles and aluminium cans. 

We will also be working with Corporate partners to support and promote decorators and retailers that are Balloon Recycling Australia ( B.R.A. ) members.

We have completed Phase 1 of the 3 phase program and we are commencing phase 2.

With your support and involvement,  we believe we can overturn the perception that balloons are single use plastics, we believe we can all then proudly state that balloons are a safe, environmentally sound, recyclable, reusable product and we can continue to bring joy and happiness to all.

If you have any questions you can email info@balloonrecycling.com.au or call us if you prefer on 0432 035 946

Kindest Regards

Mark Bailey