Questions and answers about Balloon Recycling Australia.


Here are what we believe are some common questions you may have and some answers, if the question you have is not covered here, by all means email us at

Q. Are you in this for the money?

A. We have invested over $65.000 of our own money and 6 months of time to date, many days for 12 hours a day to make this happen. Our incentive is absolutely not a financial one. We want to leave the balloon industry in better shape than where it is right now – on the verge of being legislated out of existence. Having spent the past 40 years making a living from the balloon industry, this is about giving back, this is about sustainable solutions, this is about reversing the belief that balloons are single use plastic, if they are recycled here, they are not. If you want to know more – email or call, I would be happy to elaborate.

Q. Do you recycle any brand of balloons?

A. YES WE DO ! We are an independent business and hence we recycle all brands of balloons.

Q. Are the manufacturers on board – after all it’s their waste you are looking to recycle.

A. To date, we have reached out to all manufacturers / importers of balloons in Australia. To date the silence is deafening. If this changes, we will be sure to shout it from the rooftops. Any industry in Australia must be responsible for it’s own waste – that is the Federal Governments’ policy.

Q. Do I send my used balloons for recycling to you and where are you located?

A. Yes, you box up your used balloons, seal the box and write your membership number clearly on the outside of the box. Then send the box by the most economical means possible to
Balloon Reycling Australia. Unit 5 / 123 Muriel Avenue, Moorooka, Queensland 4105

Q. What do you make the balloons into after you recycle them?

A. When we receive balloons for recycling they have to be sorted. Foil and plastic balloons are separated from latex balloons. Latex balloons are then separated into colour batches. Balloons are then put through a 3 stage process and made into granulated flakes of colour. We then can utilise these flakes of colour to make various new products such as balloon weights, ornaments, novelty items, balloon dogs, teddy bears and more, utilising the hundreds of molds we have and clear resin, which encases the latex. Foil balloons can be made into foil confetti as well as added into the above items.

We are also adding flakes of latex to add to plaster of paris as a filler for base weights and we are currently experimenting adding flakes of latex to organic compost and we are testing breakdown rates and biodegradability. We will continue to explore more ways of how used balloons can be used to make new items.

Q. Are we Australian owned and do any balloon products get sent overseas for disposal?

A. We are 100% Australian owned and operated. NEVER will we send any balloon product overseas for processing or disposal. All recycling is done in house, using 3rd party companies is fraught with disaster.

Q. Is the recycling process environmentally friendly?

A. The process of recycling balloons is incredibly time intensive and labour intensive but it is not power intensive, we use no chemicals, we use little to no water resources, we do not use heat. We aim to be powered by renewal power in the near future, we try to be as environmentally friendly throughout the recycling process as possible.

Q. What about hi float and balloon shine?

A. It makes no difference to our processes whether the balloons have been exposed to any known type of balloon shine or hi float.

Q. Do I need to separate my balloons before I send them to you for recycling?

A. No – we will do this as the first stage of the recycling process, you can pack foil and latex and plastic balloons in the same box and send it to us for recycling.

Q. How will I know how many balloons I have sent for Recycling?

A. We will update you as we receive balloons for Recycling, we will also update the website with the running total of balloons Recycled to date. This is why we require you to write your membership number on the outside of the box of balloons you are sending, so we can easily identify you as a member, weigh the box and then update your membership.