We Recycle every single balloon here in Brisbane Australia.

We promise that every single balloon, foil, latex, plastic is recycled and upcycled here in Brisbane Australia, we are completely transparent in what we are doing and in what we produce as a result of recycling balloons. 

Balloon Recycling Australia is owned and operated by Australians that are in the balloon industry, we truly do care about our industry and it is the sole reason we started Balloon Recycling Australia. We will never warehouse balloons and pretend to recycle them, we will never ever send them overseas for recycling, we will always be transparent on what recycled balloons become, we are always exploring new ways of recycling and new products to recycle balloons into.

We care about the balloon industry, our goals are to change the perception that balloons are single use plastic. Our goals are to lobby politicians on all levels of Government to change laws that have banned balloons. Our goals are to save the industry so that generations to come can continue to enjoy balloons.

We are asking the entire industry to come together to deal with this every increasing perception that balloons are single use plastic, we want to work with all Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors, Decorators, Party Stores, retail stores, full time and part time balloon people, this can only be done with everyone’s support.